Professional Home Extensions in Sydney

As families expand or the need for storage space grows, home extensions are on the rise. This is no surprise, considering that many people love the areas that they settle in. It’s easier on the pocket and more convenient to add rooms to the existing house instead. Capstone Projects is an expert at maximising the property you already own. We consider our clients as partners in pursuit of the perfect extension project, so we are just as invested as you are.

Licensed Contractors With a Flair for Exceeding Expectations

At Capstone Projects, nothing matters more to us than having satisfied clients. We use a thorough briefing process to establish your wants and needs, then get to work designing your dream extension. Our team is trained to provide top customer service, communicate transparently, and work hard to deliver on time, every time.

Whatever the Addition Required, We Make it Happen

Our team listens to you first before we put down a plan. Your needs rank first. The types of extensions that we can pull off include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Access-friendly extensions for living with elderly relatives or relatives with mobility issues;
  • Extra rooms for growing children who require more space & privacy;
  • An office space that allows you to work comfortably;
  • Additional accommodation for guests; and
  • Spacious entertainment & living areas to spend time with loved ones and other visitors.

A Home Extension Comes With Many Benefits

  • Increasing the curb appeal of your property, which boosts the market value as well.
  • Saving you money, because there’s no need to spend on purchasing a whole new home.
  • The ability to continue with your daily life, uninterrupted.
  • Overall improvement in the lifestyle and quality of life you can enjoy in the extended home.

Who Do We Provide Our Services To?

No home extension project is too small or large for us to take on — every home counts. We appreciate the uniqueness of every space fully, so our services are open to individuals who are in charge of any Sydney home that needs sprucing up.

  • Residential property owners

If you live in a home that needs an extension, we can help you in ways that factor in that it’s your primary shelter.

  • Residential property managers

If you rent out a home to tenants, we can make changes that accommodate the home’s commercial use.

Book an Appointment & Chat to an Expert

There’s nothing more to say. If you’re looking for a Company’s contractor or builder that’s seasoned in producing exceptional home extensions, Capstone Projects is the Inner West, Sydney’s industry leader. Contact us to kickstart your project today.