Home renovation is always an exciting prospect and with so many new design and creative options available, it’s easier than ever to achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of. Today we look at the hottest trends in interior design and renovation for 2020 and what you can expect to see in custom home renovation, Sydney.

Smarter, More Integrated And Intuitive Homes

Expect to see a significant rise in smart home technology. Intelligent central home systems can now control everything, from room individual room temperature to immersing your entire home or specific parts of it in crystal clear music thanks to wireless Bluetooth sound technology. Kitchen appliances are also increasingly intuitive and can make your life a bit easier by ensuring your cupboards and fridge is stocked up. Home AI now allows you to have a virtual personal assistant to remind you about tasks, wake you up in the morning, and keep you completely connected to your digital world at all times.

Kitchen Trends

This year we’re seeing an interesting continuation of the earthy design style that has been popular in recent years, as well as the emergence of a more urban, industrial style design for kitchens. Very popular and more affordable revamps will be seen in kitchen cabinets being repainted instead of being entirely replaced, with shades of blue being on the forefront, along with mixing three shades of colour. Wood in its natural form is also regaining popularity, with clear, varnished wooden cabinets in light shades becoming stylish again.


Bathrooms are transitioning from being quick pit stops to a complete sanctuary for relaxation and unwinding after a long, tough day. Bathroom designs are leaning heavily towards creating a spa-like feel, with light, neutral tones, as well as bamboo and light wood finishes, being a popular go-to. Luxurious showers, hydro massage cabins, spa baths and fitted Bluetooth sound systems so that you can enjoy soothing sounds as you relax in the tub will be at the order of the day. 


Patios that extend living spaces with a natural flow and transition from inside to outside is becoming a very popular design choice. Creating an outside lounge area with comfortable sofas, chairs and entertainment facilities that you’d expect to find in an inside lounge or entertainment area will ensure that your next barbecue or social will be a hit.

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