When choosing to remodel your home, you may find yourself inundated with multiple options – from design inspiration to material choice. And sometimes the most important decision you may have to make, before embarking on a renovation journey for your home, is whether to go DIY or to use professionals.

At Capstone Projects we pride ourselves on providing the best home renovations in Sydney, which is why we have compiled a convincing list of benefits that will help make your decision about choosing professional so much easier. Here are our top reasons to use the services of reliable and expert tradesmen rather than attempting to renovate your home yourself.

We Work To Industry Standard

As professionals in the industry, we are affiliated with the Housing Industry Association in Australia and we work to stringent standards to ensure we meet regulations. This is handy information that may not be accessible to the average homeowner and can guarantee you consistent, high-quality work.  It is added value you may not benefit from if you had to do the job yourself.

We Give You Fixed Price Contracts

In addition to us having valuable knowledge on regulations of your local government, we can also provide you with fixed price contracts so you’ll know what to pay, when to pay and what you’re paying for. As experts, we are aware of how much materials will cost as well as how much each renovation will be. We also have developed business relationships with trusted suppliers who have fixed costs. As an individual, you may not be aware of how much will be needed for each stage and may be in for a nasty surprise when you do a reconciliation at the end of your DIY renovations. Using professionals means you can allocate sufficient funds for provided fixed price contracts and not be left overspending or without funds when a project still needs to be completed.

We Provide Detailed Timelines

Professionals always provide detailed project schedules to clients, including any delays and estimated extensions as well. Because we can quickly assess the requirements of a job, evaluate the site and strategically plan to complete the job efficiently and effectively. However, you cannot accurately forecast how long a renovation will take without first-hand knowledge of what is required and how quickly you can work, without compromising on the renovation itself.

The cheaper solution may often seem to renovate yourself but that is dependent on your skill level, however, these several significant advantages may sway you in making the better financial decision for your home. For the best home renovations in Sydney, speak to us at Capstone Projects today.